Robert McAndrews Ph.D.


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Positions: Teaching Faculty, Saybrook University, San Francisco, CA.;

Core Professor Emeritus, Graduate College, Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH.


Social/Cultural Anthropology; Cross-Cultural Psychotherapy;

Cross-Cultural Literature and Film; Ethnographic Research; Qualitative Research Methodologies.


1979 Ph.D., Human Science, Saybrook Institute, San Francisco, CA.

Dissertation: Journeys: An Inquiry into Meaning and Value. Committee Chair: Gregory Bateson.

1968 M.A., Social Anthropology, Manchester University, (1977) Manchester, England.

Thesis: The Yap Caste System and the Yap Empire: An Analysis of their Relationship.

1967 Postgraduate Studies in Social Anthropology, London School of Economics, London , England.

1966 MPIA (Masters in Public and International Affairs), Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. Thesis: The Domestic and Foreign Contributions to the Overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana.

1962 B.A., Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, State University of California at Northridge, CA.

Recent Professional Positions:

2007- Present            Core Faculty, Saybrook University.

1980-2012            Core Professor, Graduate College, Union Institute & University. Professor Emeritus

1990-2000            Psychotherapist, private practice, Colorado Springs, CO.

1985-1986            President, New England Commons, Waltham, MA.

1984-1985            Vice President, Education, Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, La Jolla, CA.

1981-1985            Executive Director, School of Management and Strategic Studies, WBSI, La Jolla, CA.

Recent Scholarly Activities (2006-2013):

In Progress: “Voices of the Elders in Psychotherapy”. Interviews with 40 psychotherapists in the U.S., Europe, Japan, India, Buenos Aires, Quebec, Lima. (currently seeking a publisher).

In Progress: “The Culture of Psychotherapy”. An ethnography of the history, politics, economics and social impact of psychotherapy. (currently seeking a publisher).

In Progress: “Going Native: Reflections on an Ethnographic Life” (seeking publisher).

Presentation: “Psychotherapy and Culture: Representation through Film, Fiction, Television, Memoirs, and Theater.”, 31st International Human Science Research Conference, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada.

Presentation: “Going Native: An Autoethnography of an Ethnographer”, 30th International Human Science Research Conference, Oxford University, England.

Presenatation: “Going Native: An Autoethnography of an Ethnographer”, The Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, – Urbana-Champaign.

Saybrook Seminar: “Human Science Perspectives on Social Change Theory and Practice”

Saybrook Seminar: “ Writing, Film and Representation in the Human Sciences.”

Saybrook Seminar: “Social Change Narratives: Effectively Framing Social Problems and Opportunities.”

Saybrook Seminar: “Renewing the Encounter between the Human Sciences and the Arts and Humanities.”

Saybrook Seminar: “Global Citizen Activism: Theory and Ethics of Cosmopolitanism.” & “Case Study and Ethnographic Research.”

Saybrook Seminar: “ Talking Past Each Other: Religion and its Influence on Science, Politics, and Culture.”

Saybrook Seminar: “Literature, Film, and Ethnography in the Human Sciences.”

Saybrook Seminar: “Critical Theories in the Human Sciences.”

Seminar Professor for “Film, Food and Fiction” in Miami, FL., Graduate College, UI&U.

Seminar Professor for “Ethnographic Inquiry”, Montpellier, VT, Graduate College, UI&U.

Seminar Professor for “Contemporary Approaches to Interpretation in the Humanities and Social Sciences”, Sacramento, CA, Graduate College, UI&U.

Visiting Professor: Reitsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan. Lectures and classes on “The Anthropology of Health Care”.

Presentation: “The Oedipus Complex in India and Japan”, to the Denver Psychoanalytic Institute, Denver, CO.

Presentation: “The Japanese Self” to Southern Colorado Psychoanalytic Society, Colorado Springs, CO.

Presentation: “ The Oedipus Complex in India and Japan” to the New Mexico Psychoanalytic Society Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

Presentation: “Ethnographic Research” at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO.

Presentation: “Cross-Cultural Health Systems” at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Publication: “Tribal Gathering”,

Interviews for “Voices of the Elders in Psychotherapy” book: Dr. Kuniko Muramoto, Kyoto, Japan; Dr. Willie Apollon and Dr. Danielle Bergeron, Quebec City, Canada; Edith Benveniste and Mabel Allerand, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dr. Saul Pena, Lima, Peru.