Healing Fictions Bibliography/Filmography

           The following is a suggested list of books and films for those interested in a sampling of representations of psychotherapy. I invite readers to suggest other sources to add to this list.



Case Stories: Freud

Freud, S. Dora: an analysis of a case of hysteria.

Freud, S. The rat man.

Freud, S. The Schreber case.

Freud,S. The wolfman and other cases.

Case Stories

Akeret, R.U. Tales from a traveling couch.

Baur, S. Confiding: a psychotherapist and her patients search for stories to live by.

Benetar, J. Admissions: notes from a woman psychiatrist.

Corsini, R. J. Five therapists and one client.

Dinnage, R. One to one: experiences of psychotherapy.

Greewald, H., ed. Great cases in psychoanalysis.

Haas, S. Hearing voices: reflections of a psychology intern.

Kates, E. On the couch: great American stories about therapy.

Kottler, J.A. and Carlson, J. The mummy at the dining room table: eminent therapists revel their most unusual cases.

Hammerschlag, C.A. The dancing healers: a doctor’s journey of healing with native Americans.

Peseschkian, N. The merchant and the parrot: mideastern stories as tools in psychotherapy.

Rubin,T. I. Shrink: the diary of a psychiatrist.

Shem, S. Mount misery.

Siegal, S. and Love, E. The patient who cured his therapist and other tales of  unconventional therapy.

Stream, H. S. Behind the couch: revelations of a psychoanalyst.

Weinberg, G. The taboo scarf.

Yalom, I. Love’s executioner.

Yalom, I. Momma and the meaning of life.


Barnes, M. and Berke, J. Two accounts of a journey through madness.

Bateson, G. Percival’s narrative.

Chernin, K. A different kind of listening: my psychoanalysis and its shadow.

Gordon, E. F. Mocking bird years.

Greenberg, J. I never promised you a rose garden.

H. D. Tribute to Freud.

Israeloff. R. In confidence: four years of therapy.

Jamison, K. R. An unquiet mind: a memoir of moods and madness.

Kardiner, A. My analysis with Freud.

Kaysen, S. Girl interrupted.

Manning, M. Undercurrents: a therapist’s reckoning with her own depression.

Reiland, R. Get me out of here: my recovery from borderline personality disorder.

Rogers, A. A shining affliction.

Saks, E. The center cannot hold.

Salome, L. A. The Freud journal.

Slater, L. Welcome to my country.

Slater, L. Prozac diary.

Slater, L. Lying.

Shannonhouse, R., ed. Out of her mind: women writing on madness.

Styron, W. Darkness visible: a memoir of madness.


Boxer, S. In the floyd archives.

Michaels, P. Psych: a novel of the young Freud.

Rosenfield, I. Freud’s megalomania.

Stone, I. The passions of the mind.

Wheelis, A. The doctor of desire.

Yalom. I. When Nietzsche wept.

Yalom. I. Lying on the couch.

Yalom, I. The Schopenhauer cure.


Analyze This (1999) Billy Crystal / Robert De Niro

Analyze That (2002) Billy Crystal / Robert De Niro

An Unmarried Woman (1978) Penelope Russianoff / Jill Clayburgh

Don Juan De Marco (1995) Marlon Brando / Johnny Depp

Equus (1977) Richard Burton / Peter Firth

Final Analysis (1992) Richard Gere / Kim Bassinger

Good Will Hunting (1997) Robin Williams / Matt Damon

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1977) Bibi Andersson / Kathleen Quinlan

Lars and the Real Girl (2008) Ryan Gosling/ Patricia Clarkson

Ordinary People (1980) Judd Hirsh / Timothy Hutton

Prince of Tides (1991) Barbara Streisand / Nick Nolte

Spellbound (1945) Ingrid Bergman / Gregory Peck

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